WHat is Tech Learning Space

What is Tech Learning Space?

Tech Learning Space (TLS) is a unique, ONLINE LEARNING resource for busy IT tech practitioners and savvy technology business professionals who demand quality, timely and relevant continuing education in IT management.

Tech Learning Space was created by IT World Canada, the Canadian affiliate of International Data Group (IDG), the world’s largest IT information provider. We’ve been building relationships with Canada’s IT professionals for twenty-five years by delivering timely, incisive information they can trust through a variety of print and online publications. We’re also seasoned producers of online learning programs and educational IT conferences -- collaborating with the best to bring you the best - to make your job easier. We know IT, and we understand what IT professionals and executives need to succeed in their jobs. That’s why we created Tech Learning Space - to deliver quality education when, where and how you need it.

What makes Tech Learning Space exceptional is the talent, real-world content, and online learning hybrid-delivery methodology integrated into its professor-led programs:

  • TLS courses are created and delivered by accomplished academics and foremost leaders in business and IT today ensuring practical real-world instruction.
  • TLS utilizes the very best and latest in ONLINE learning tools (Blackboard, Adobe ConnectPro and others) to enable each student to enjoy a connected and intimate learning experience in an interactive and self-paced environment.
  • At TLS you are online but not alone, as weekly conference calls, peer interaction and instructor-student dialogue and lectures are a key learning advantage for professor-led TLS programs.
  • TLS also provides solely self-paced online programs for the executive too busy to access the online learning hybrid-delivery / professor-led model.

  • In early June Tech, Tech Learning Space unveiled a new schedule of online educational programs ( course dates) designed to upgrade the career-enhancing skills of today’s busy IT professional. Beneficial to all, these courses contribute significant recertification credits for individuals holding either the I.S.P. or ITCP designations (as granted by CIPS). Most programs utilize an innovative Hybrid-Online teaching design that is both “Self-Serve and Professor-Led”, maximizing nu-skill retention while enabling the busy executive to learn during his/her personal schedule while staying active on-the-job.

    One of the major challenges facing an upwardly mobile IT professional today is how to expand his/her set of management skills while maintaining the dedication and focus demanded by current responsibilities. Surrounded by talented and educated colleagues similarly intent on career advancement, how does one acquire the leadership-based practical skills necessary to contribute significantly to corporate goals, all the while staying active in the company role?

    The answer is Tech Learning Space! TLS is a unique Online management education portal, POWERED BY IT WORLD CANADA, that offers affordable solutions to acquire the management leadership training required to advance your career. TLS lets you stay on the job, as part of your company team, making key contributions while you acquire nu-skills. TLS is staffed by industry-experienced professors delivering field-proven and tested solutions. Using the very best of online technology learning tools, TLS lets you study when you can and where you can, enabling your work-schedule to operate as a freedom-schedule, leaving you free to both work and learn. Yes, there are weekly milestones and objectives similar to your real job. But the TLS professor-led model provides weekly lectures, peer interactions, group projects and professor guidance to help you to manage your new workload and reap the benefits of newly acquired skills and insights.

    If you are presently a designated I.S.P. or ITCP IT professional, successful mastery of Tech Learning Space programs earn valuable recertification credits to maintain those important professional designations (see for specifics).The programs are must-master centered, to prepare you for the next big career opportunity.

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