IT Strategy, Measurement and Value

IT Strategy, Measurement and Value

How do you create an IT strategy when there is no enterprise strategy? When is the right time to initiate an IT strategy? What are the latest practices and models for developing and implementing a successful IT strategy? How can you be more effective in executing your IT strategy? What measurements are appropriate for supporting change? How do you more effectively sell the value of strategic IT investments?

This course will discuss these important questions and relate insights and ideas to participants own organizations. There are four sessions:

Week 1:
IT Strategy & Alignment Part 1 - Alternative practices, elements and issues related to developing and institutionalizing an IT strategy in today's environment that best aligns business and IT.

Week 2:
IT Strategy & Alignment Part 2 - Additional options, insights and models for deciding when and how to initiate an IT strategy.

Week 3:
Alignment and Metrics - An in-depth discussion of the latest practices for measuring IT performance and achieving optimal IT value. Includes: new insights on both successful and failed attempts at measurement programs and how IT measurement programs, and linking them to business value, may sometimes be impossible.

Week 4:
IT Value - Practices, tools and approaches for identifying and leveraging value from IT investments. How to understand, communicate and leverage IT investments to achieve better business value.


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RichardSwanborg, Jr.

Richard  W.  Swanborg, Jr.  Prof. 

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