Vendor Relationship Management

Vendor Relationship Management

Whether your IT shop s services are all in-house, totally outsourced, or somewhere in-between, developing and maintaining the working relationships with your vendors is key to your success."Partnership" is an often misused term, but with no end in sight to increasing demand for IT services and budget pressures, depending on your key vendors to deliver is critical. This course presents a guide to developing and maintaining healthy relationships with your vendors and your business users.


IT leaders responsible for managing vendors service delivery.
IT and business leaders considering outsourcing or major IT services commitments.
Vendor Customer Relationship Managers and pre-sales staff.

Course Modules:

1.Determining wants and needs, and who can fulfill them

ITs role is to support and satisfy the needs of the business. They signed off on the requirements, so why is it so hard to make and keep your users happy?

2.Selecting your partners
Outsourced services, software and hardware purchases, network and communications infrastructure will set the flexibility of IT to adapt to changing business demands and technology. So why do we treat them as one-of decisions?

3.Managing the relationship

Lunch once a month is great until a problem comes along. Given the reality that you can't change vendors quickly and easily and without significant cost, how to do you keep your vendor performing?

4.Contracts and governance
Contracts aren't just legal documents. Maintaining and nurturing the relationship requires good governance from the first meeting through the entire term of the relationship. Some process tips and techniques.

5.Wrapping it all up

Summary and lessons learned.

CIPS re-certifcation credits for the successful completion of this program total 40 credits - see .

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Length: 4 Weeks - Minimum Required Commitment Time: 10 Hours Per Week

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Course Dates:

Sep 28, 2011 - Oct 27, 2011 $1295.00 Register Now

George Gorsline, BA, MA

George   W.  Gorsline, BA, MA   

George is a panelist at CIO conferences, serves as a judge for the CDN Magazine annual Channel Elite Awards program, and teaches in the George Brown College Technology more.