Master Certification ADVANCED - Realizing Social Media Success

Master Certification ADVANCED - Realizing Social Media Success

Realizing Social Media Success - An advance Level course covers the fundamentals of digital social media governance, policy fomulation,organization design factors,and measurements strategies.The Course will provide business,communication,marketing and information technology practitioners the strategic and practical approach to excel in social media applications to design and implement successful social media strategies and programs.The course assumes participants have some limited knowledge of social media(definitions,exposure to usage).

This advance level course will assist you to develop a clear understanding of the social media threats and vulnerabilities to an organization, develop and apply the appropriate level of governance and practices necessary to counteract or mitigate social media risk. Key techniques/tactics and tools discussed include: blogs, micro-blogs, articles, social media tools, search authority/authenticity/credibility, humanness, transparency and trust. The course clearly links social media theory with practical and proven case studies for both profit and non profit organizations. You will leave this program with knowledge of leading practices, rich peer interactions, methods and frameworks for immediate application, and access to experts throughout this program delivery.

Module Overview:

WEEK 1: Governance Strategies and Leading Practices
Contents: Governance value, Achieving Effective Governance, Implementation Lifecycle ans Phase Plan.

WEEK 2: Policy and Leading Practices

Contents:Policy Approach, Policy Areas, Select Social Media Policies, Key Tips and Policy Recommondations.

WEEK 3: Organizational Leading Practices
Contents:Collaboration, Organizational Design and Leading Practice, Barriers, Role, Communities of Practice and Implications.

WEEK 4: Measurement Leading Practices
Contents: Metrics, Value, Measurment Tool, Industry Trends, Web Analytics, Metric Types and Benefits.

CIPS re-certifcation credits for the successful completion of this program total 40 credits - see .


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Length: 4 Weeks - Minimum Required Commitment Time: 10 Hours Per Week

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Course Dates:

Sep 02, 2011 - Sep 30, 2011 $1895.00 Register Now
Oct 14, 2011 - Nov 11, 2011 $1895.00 Register Now


Cindy    Gordon  Dr. 

She is the CEO of Helix Commerce International Inc,and President of TerraForum Canada which specializes in innovation leveraging collaboration and social media more.