Architecture Governance and Organization

Architecture Governance and Organization

How do you define and build the business case for establishing a standardized architecture? What governance and organizational structures actually work, rather than create unnecessary bureaucracy? How do you best organize for systems implementation? What are the best practices for outsourcing, contracting, and in-house development?
This facilitated course will provide insights into applying many of these ideas within your organization. Course lectures and discussions will cover four sessions.

Week 1:

Infrastructure and Architecture Standards - Alternative practices, approaches and selling points for defining an architecture, justifying standards and proving business results. This includes both top-down and bottom-up approaches for successfully developing a living architecture.

Week 2:

Organization and Governance - Options and the pros and cons of different business and IT governance structures. Includes examining how certain conditions and factors will lead to successful organizational models, or complete failure.

Week 3:

Sourcing Strategies - Focuses on outsourcing, off shoring, virtual contracting and fractional sourcing and when each makes sense. Includes how to successfully negotiate and manage an outsourcing effort. Also examines leading practices for managing contractors that provide a more flexible and higher quality development environment.

Week 4:

Delivering Program Excellence - Practices, tools and approaches for more effectively managing the applications delivery organization. Includes how to establish a Program Management Office, how to hire and train better IT personnel and how to more effectively integrate and manage multiple projects with a fixed set of resources


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